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Agema Insurance Solutions

Agema Insurance Solutions

11936 W 119th Street #152
Overland Park, KS 66210
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Company Overview

Agema Insurance Solutions- Owners - Fred Dickinson & Lee Gill

Before starting Agema Insurance Solutions Fred Dickinson had over 20 years of experience as a large loss adjuster handling commercial losses. This experience allows Fred to identify what coverages are needed and most importantly help clients when they have a claim. Fred is also a real estate investor himself and knows how important insurance is and how it can affect a deal.

Lee Gill was Vice President of Sales & Distribution for AmWins, the largest commercial wholesale brokerage firm for excess and surplus insurance lines in the country. He brings a wealth of knowledge on how to broker large multifamily insurance. He is able to effectively utilize his deep relationships and connections he made all over the country to find the best coverage and rates for multifamily investors.

We started Agema Insurance Solutions two years ago based on both our backgrounds and the value that we bring to the table for our clients.

We have carved out a niche helping investors and property managers with insurance on multifamily and commercial properties. We have had a lot of success finding competitive rates and coverage, with our network of brokers and companies we have built strong relationships with.
Fred Dickinson Principal
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