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Jackson County judge rules that a proposal to raise minimum wage in KC cannot go on November ballot Reported from Fox4 by: Matt Stewart KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Jackson County judge just ruled that a proposal to raise the minimum wage in Kansas City cannot go on the November ballot. Last week  state lawmakers agreed that cities cannot raise their minimum wage above the state’s rate of $7.65 an hour. Even though petitioners had enough signatures to put the issue on the ballot for a public vote, the judge ruled that doing so would be a waste of time and money. Fast food workers [...]
AAKC Community Outreach Committee is busy working this year on several projects with Children's Cup, Care Packages, Operation Breakthrough, Synergy, and New Moves. This committee is divided into several different sub-committees.  Nia Walters, Irongate Management and Sarah Burlack with Universal Carpet are the chairs of this committee. Care Packages – Laura Harrell, Kansas AsphaltOperation Breakthrough – Don Evans Synergy – Melody Goss, Sandstone Creek Apartments New Moves -  Care Packages - AAKC will continue in 2015 to provide care packages for people who [...]
Lyceum Experience from a Supplier Partner I was fortunate enough to participate in the 2015 AAKC Lyceum program with some of the most amazing individuals. It was a truly remarkable experience. It was not only educational and truly merit-worthy, but inspirational, as well… 
Debbie’s Story…. I started as a Supplier Partner working with a local Pest Control company. Luckily, another Supplier Partner member convinced our company to join. 
Make sure that your Human Relations Department is aware of this recent decision for KCMO employees to avoid any penalties for failing to comply...