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The AAKC Annual Trade Show is an amazing opportunity to learn, share and to find ways to improve your community in a number of ways...but do you and your team truly utilize the experience?In my experience, too many companies simply send their employees without a purpose or goal, and they just attend because "that's what we've always done." Consequently, the vendors see a lot "zombies" running around simply trying to collect as much free stuff as possible....when their main goal should be to explore new products, opportunities and ideas to bring back with them.
Recently, an NAA member received an "unauthorized use" notice from Getty Images for photos that site employees used on their apartment community's blog and/or website. This is the first time the NAA has been contacted about this, but the NAA is sure it will not be the last. There are apparently law firms out there spending millions of dollars on technology that scours the internet for images encrypted with Getty.  So please make sure your websites are either using paid images or those that are available for public domain. Betsy Feigin Befus at NMHC compiled some resources for us that [...]
Quality Hill Apartments located in Downtown Kansas City wins the 2014 PARAGON Award in the Builders, Owners and Developers category for Best Community, 20+ Years (over 150 units).
AAKC Community Outreach Committee is busy working this year on several projects with Synergy, Operation Breakthrough and Hope Faith Miniseries. This committee is divided into several different sub-committees. Care Packages – Sarah Burlack, Universal CarpetOperation Breakthrough – Don Evans, PPGHope Faith Miniseries - Jennifer Wright, The Retreat of ShawneeSynergy – Erin Walker, Quality Hill Apartments Last week the Operation Breakthrough sub-committee worked on a project. Here are a few comments from Lee Duckett, Associate Director of Marketing and Events with Operation [...]
The LEAD designation is an honorary distincition certified by the Apartment Association of Kansas City.  LEAD provides a complete development curriculum for current and aspiring property managers, leasing and maintenance professionals and supplier partners.  Lead is designed to recognize the developmental efforts of property managment professionals upon completion of a specific track.  Click here for more information.