New AAKC Supplier Partner Members

AAKC Supplier Partner Members
(February 2024)

Keep the trees looking their best and growing correctly on your property in Johnson County, Jackson, and the rest of the metro. Let Arb Tech safely manage them for you. We will add beauty while reducing your liability issues.⁠

Our services include:⁠
Tree planting⁠
Tree removal⁠
Tree cabling and bracing⁠
Tree risk assessments⁠
Tree maintenance and repair⁠
Urban Tree Removal and Stump Grinding⁠
Arborist Reports⁠
Commercial Tree Care⁠
Aerial Pruning⁠
Structural pruning⁠

Canopy Maintenance⁠
Crown cleaning⁠
Hazard tree pruning⁠
Plant Health Care⁠
Storm Risk Prevention⁠
Storm Debris Cleanup⁠

Chemsearch FE solves problems for facility engineers and management personnel. Our goal is to optimize building resources, improve efficiencies and convey a corporate message that the environment matters by saving facilities water, energy and reducing operating costs.⁠

Water Treatment⁠
• Cooling Towers⁠
• Boilers and Closed Loops⁠

• Drain Maintenance⁠
• Grease Traps⁠
• Lift Stations⁠

• Coil Cleaning⁠
• Condensation Pan Solutions⁠

Odor Control⁠
• Indoor⁠
• Outdoor⁠
• Wastewater Odors⁠

Facility Maintenance and Safety⁠ 

Lever1 is a Kansas City-based professional employer organization (PEO) providing a multitude of resources for businesses across the country. Integrated services enable business owners to cost-effectively outsource the management of human resources, payroll, employee benefits and Workers’ Compensation.

PEO clients are able to focus on their most pressing business operation in order to maintain and grow their bottom line. It is the goal of Lever1 to partner with other businesses to provide employer solutions to fit small and midsized business needs. Lever1’s biggest measurement of achievement is the growth and success of its clients.

Lever1 will provide administrative and management solutions for small business owners. By assisting businesses with their office management needs, Lever1 allows its clients to focus their resources on generating revenue. Utilizing Lever1’s PEO plan allows business owners the opportunity to provide their employees competitive benefits otherwise not feasible.

We are family-owned asphalt and concrete parking lot contractor proudly serving the greater Kansas City area. Our company has been built on 3 core values: Honesty, Quality, & Affordability. We offer a full range of services using quality materials, experienced manpower, and the right equipment designed for the specific job at hand. There is nothing we can't handle.⁠

Our doors are always open, and our phones are always on. We look forward to working with you!⁠

Roofing, Siding, Painting, Gutters, and Decks⁠

Sarin Energy Solutions stands at the forefront of sustainable energy solutions, specializing in cutting-edge Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. As a leading provider, we are committed to revolutionizing the way we power our vehicles, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable future.⁠

Sarin Energy Solutions is proud to be a reliable partner in the transition to electric mobility. Our commitment extends beyond providing cutting-edge technology; we aim to empower communities and businesses to embrace sustainable transportation solutions.⁠

Explore the future of electric mobility with Sarin Energy Solutions - where innovation meets sustainability.⁠

Our company's expertise lies in delivering top-tier EV charging solutions tailored for businesses, municipalities, and residential properties. Sarin Energy Solutions is dedicated to providing reliable, efficient, and scalable charging infrastructure that meets the evolving needs of the electric mobility landscape.⁠