AAKC Guiding Principals

We, the members of the Apartment Association of Kansas City, recognize our ethical duties to the communities of which we are a part. Being ever mindful of the increasing role of the rental housing industry in providing homes, we have united ourselves for the purpose of improving the services and conditions of the industry. Therefore, we adopt these principles as our guide in daily business dealings and expect all members of the association to abide by these ethical principles.

  • We commit to honesty, integrity and fair dealing in our capacity as rental housing professionals and providers of the industry.
  • As rental housing industry professionals and providers, we act to better the communities of which we are a part.
  • We shall treat every person with respect and exhibit the highest standards of honesty and integrity in the operations of multi-family industry.
  • We shall not engage in price fixing, or other such illegal and unethical practices which result in loss of the competitive nature of the apartment industry. We commit to operating and maintaining all apartment dwellings in accordance with fair and honorable standards of competition and abide by our responsibility of our position.
  • We shall be ever aware of the terms and provisions of both the Kansas and Missouri Landlord Tenant Acts, Federal and State Fair Housing and Equal Employment Laws and such other local, state and national laws affecting the industry and abide by these laws in every respect.
  • We dedicate ourselves to work with agencies at every governmental level to protect and improve the multifamily housing portfolio.
  • We provide our members educational opportunities to improve their knowledge and skills to better serve the industry.
  • We agree to be loyal to the fellow members of this association, refrain from deceptive advertising or acts that may bring discredit to ourselves, our employers or our association and support the ideals and programs of this association.
  • We provide equal opportunity to all potential and current members regardless of any protected class indicated by federal law, the state laws of Missouri and Kansas and the municipality of Kansas City, Missouri.

As members of the Apartment Association of Kansas City we agree to comply with the principles and declarations of the association as set forth in its bylaws and these guiding principles.