Education Overview

The Apartment Association Education Institute Designate Programs

The Apartment Association of Kansas City is the National Affiliate here in Kansas City. We work along with the NAAEI to promote and train our team members.

Since its inception, NAAEI’s message has been to encourage the apartment industry’s adoption of best practices, and the highest professional standards. They have continually updated the body of knowledge for the industry while credentialing over 25,000 qualified leasing consultants, maintenance technicians, community managers, portfolio supervisors, supplier partners and independent rental property owners.

Companies that encourage participation in these programs immediately benefit when employees apply what they learn to their jobs – with a rapid positive impact on net operating income and employee engagement.

AAKC encourages all team members of apartment communities and our supplier members to achieve real professional growth. These programs increase knowledge, skills and leadership competence, preparing team members for promotion, and improving your company’s bottom line.

Designate Programs
Certified Apartment Leasing Professional (CALP)

Earning CALP, your first industry credential, signals to your employer your commitment to a career in residential property management.

Certified Apartment Manager (CAM)

Earning your CAM allows you to demonstrate your skills, knowledge, ability to manage an apartment community and achieve owners investment goals.

Certified Apartment Portfolio Supervisor (CAPS)

Earning your CAPS takes you to the next level in property management. It fast-tracks your career advancement and your corresponding earning potential.

Certificate for Apartment Maintenance Technicians (CAMT)

Earning your CAMT validates your knowledge, enhances your reputation and credibility, boosts your confidence, and earns you respect.

Certified Apartment Supplier (CAS)

Earning CAS allows you to network with your peers from other companies. You will learn about the benefits and activities your local apartment association offers, and engage in apartment association meetings/events. The course is an opportunity for suppliers to hear the everyday challenges faced by apartment-manager customers.

Once you complete the course, take the test and meet all the requirements for your designation, you will receive a certificate and pin from the National Apartment Association. Your designation is a national certification. If you are to move to other states, your designation will go with you. AAKC will transfer your information to the NAA affiliate where you are moving. You do have to keep up with your CEC’s each year to keep your designation current. If your dues have lapsed, your designation will not continue.

CEC Requirements

Each year you must complete education credits to keep your certification current:

  • CAM  8CECS
  • CAS 5 CECS

AAKC offers education training classes for these students to keep up their certifications. Each year NAA will send each designate a renewal letter, invoice for yearly dues, and a form to complete for education credits. AAKC seminars are worth 1 point per hour.

Any questions you might have on your designation requirements, please call Bree or Debbie at the AAKC Office at 913.248.0355.

NAAEI Online Learning

NAAEI offers several online courses on their website. Visit for more information on how you can earn your designations online and attend excellent webinars about the apartment industry.

Leadership Education and Development (LEAD)

The LEAD Certification is an honorary distinction certified by the Apartment Association of Kansas City. LEAD provides a complete development curriculum for current and aspiring property managers, leasing and
maintenance professionals and supplier partners. LEAD is designed to recognize the development efforts of property management professionals upon completion of a specific track.

Whether you are a current or future NAA designate, the LEAD Program provides a pathway to your success. By attending seminars, achieving a certification and volunteering with the AAKC, you will obtain a honorary distinction in your particular area of expertise recognized by industry leaders.

AAKC is offering the LEAD Manager, LEAD Leasing Professional, LEAD Maintenance Professional and LEAD Supplier Partner. Each certification requires completion of all requirements set by the AAKC Education Committee to receive this distinction. This program can be achieved in one year with a maximum 2 year completion requirement. The AAKC Education committee has put together a calendar of seminars for you to complete your LEAD. You must have completed one of the NAA certification programs such as CALP, CAM, CAMT, CAPS or CAS in order to receive your LEAD.

To enroll in LEAD, download the LEAD application below and send to Bree Peters at When we receive your LEAD application, we will mail you the new LEAD card for you to keep track of your requirements.



AAKC Lyceum Program

In 2010, Lenora Carpenter, Christine Lee and Debbie Haukenberry started the AAKC Lyceum Class. AAKC is building a group of leaders to take on the future roles of board members and work alongside other individuals who are interested in becoming those future leaders. To date, AAKC has over 75 Lyceum graduates. AAKC will be holding another Lyceum class for 12 future leaders in the fall of 2024.   We will announce the application submission dates in June 2024. 

The Lyceum class consists of attending three classes, one class per month and completing an assigned community project of their choice. This class is a great way to meet people in the apartment industry, share experiences, and learn more about the apartment industry. 

Selection will be made according to  years of active involvement with AAKC, committee involvement,  attendance at AAKC education seminars, luncheon and events.  AAKC also looks at companies, and who is on current board and who will be able to serve on the board of directors in the future.  AAKC has over 170 + management companies, and would like to have 12 different management companies involved on the board of directors. 


AAKC and NextGen Committees Scholarship Program

The Apartment Association of Kansas City will be offering the 2023 Education Scholarships for AAKC and Next Gen committees. We will be providing a qualifying candidate or candidates the opportunity to receive funds to cover NAA eBook and all course materials necessary in obtaining a National Apartment Association Education Institute (NAAEI) designation such as CALP, CAM, CAMT, CAPS or CAS.

All candidates will be interviewed for the final selection process by the 2023 Education chairs and AAKC staff.

CALP – (Certified Apartment Leasing Professional) one year experience as an Apartment Leasing Professional (Fall classes)

CAM – (Certified Apartment Manager) one year’s experience as a property manager, two years’ experience as an assistant manager in the apartment industry. (Fall classes)

CAMT – (Certified for Apartment Maintenance Technicians) one year experience as a maintenance supervisor/technician in the apartment industry. (Fall classes).

CAPS (Certified Apartment Portfolio Supervisor) must have worked as a multi-site supervisor for 2 years or be a CAM, ARM designate in good standing with 2 years of management experience. (Fall classes).

CAS - (Certified Apartment Supplier) Employment within the apartment industry in a supplier position for minimum of 1 year (Fall Classes).

To apply for a scholarship, please download the 2023 Scholarship Application:

Scholarship Application

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