DE&I Seminar- You Can't Build a Team Without the E 10-18-23

DE&I October Seminar- "You can't build a team without E: Bringing equity to your workplace"

Panel of speakers: Tiana Heath (Thompson Thrift Residential), Ricky McRoy (Avanti Residential), and Chris Woods (NorthPoint Management)

Impact: To draw attention to how equity impacts teams and our organizations. It starts with a conversation among leaders and what impact they can have no matter the title or position.  This is a call to action to bring awareness and support to our associations members. We want to make sure we are creating spaces for everyone to be seen and heard. 

Key Takeaways/ Why to Attend: 

Learn how to build equity in the workplace no matter your position

Tangible, impactful takeaways you can put into action 

Real, transparent conversations 

Valuable feedback from members that have lived the experiences