“I began the path to receiving my LEAD in early 2020 and finished at the end of 2021. At first, it seemed like a large commitment, but I quickly found that several of the requirements were things I attended regularly like tradeshow, Crystal Merit Awards, etc. The community outreach committee has several opportunities throughout the year to volunteer, and I found a lot of fulfillment by helping others. I was pushed to attend classes and seminars I may not have normally attended and truly felt like I had developed myself as a leader in our industry. Before I knew it, I had completed all the requirements and shortly after, was presented with a nifty plaque that I know proudly display in my office”

Kevin Compton, CAM, CAPS, LEAD
Property Manager, Harbor Group

"Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) and Lyceum are two honorary distinctions offered by the Apartment Association of Kansas City. Both programs are designed to develop future leaders in our multifamily community in Kansas City. While they both share some similarities, both distinctions offer very different experiences.

Through obtaining my LEAD certification, I completed a specific curriculum designed to educate me and my peers about the industry and the many different facets of this industry. This program was designed to educate as the bulk of the requirements were focused on attending educational seminars hosted by the association. 

The Lyceum program is different in that the primary goal is to identify future leaders of the AAKC. While there were 3 courses to attend, the bulk of the program lied within a group volunteer project where we came together to better the lives of those in our community. For our community project, we worked hard to improve a local Kansas City area shelter for people needing to escape abusive situations at home. This project was extremely fulfilling both professionally and personally. 

Both distinctions ended with recognition by the Association and our peers. I was given a plaque when I completed my LEAD and a pin when I completed my Lyceum. Both are displayed proudly in my home office or on my lapel when attending certain industry functions. 

For anyone new to this industry and aiming to learn and grow, I would recommend exploring both options. Alternatively, for anyone that has been around a while and looking to grow into leadership roles within the industry and/or the association, I would equally recommend exploring these options. Both distinctions left me feeling a sense of accomplishment and pride."

Richard Sargent, CAS, LEAD, Lyceum
District Sales Manger, Rent.

"My name is Kelsa and I graduated the Apartment Association of Kansas City’s “Introduction to Leasing as a Career” class in April of 2020. This class was an incredible first step into the world of leasing; covering all bases from initial lead responses to tips for touring apartments and even getting accurate and pertinent information when taking work orders. Our course instructor, Pam Lakey, was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and has been a great resource even after I completed this course.

Since my course completion, I was hired at Worcester Investments where I have grown not only in my personal skills but within the company as well- being promoted to Assistant Property Manager within my first year, and even winning the Team Worcester Rookie of the Year Award for 2020. (It’s easy to be good at something when you love what you’re doing!) I am grateful to have found something I am passionate about, and plan to continue my career growth, using AAKC courses as solid grounds for moving forward. I am beginning my CAM (Certified Apartment Manager) Course through the Apartment Association of Kansas City this spring and am excited for the forward progress it will allow and for the opportunities that I have so graciously been a part of."

Kelsa Whitman, CAM
Assistant Property Manager, Worcester Communities